Essex Schools Food and Farming Day

2021 Virtual Event Day | Summary

Our vision for still providing KS2 aged school children with fun and interactive education on where their food comes from, farming, and the countryside in the safety of their own schools has been successfully executed!

60 primary schools across Essex had a delivery of a fantastic package of goods by a number of Farmer Steward volunteers, for which we are very grateful for. A further 17 schools also received our ‘virtual only’ package. A Padlet was setup within our own website packed full of educational material, videos, resources and activities that gave the schools the opportunity to engage the children and involve them within their classroom. All the 5 zones (Crops, Food, Machinery, Livestock and Countryside & Environment) were all included in separate, easy to digest sections on the website.

Feedback has been brilliant so far, with many schools still completing activities right up to the end of term.

We are extremely pleased that we were still able to put on a virtual show day and provide this fantastic resource in these challenging times.

The photo albums below show you some highlights of the 2021 event.

Photos from setup & delivery weekend

Photos sent to us by participating schools


From teachers and Farmer Stewards…

“We still continue to be just as excited as the children! We have planted our potatoes at school and each child has taken some home to with the instruction leaflet. We have planted the sunflower seeds and wildflower seeds. The lettuce and carrot seeds have started to sprout in the drug. We have ground some of the wheat seeds into flour and have started our Bread unit that will eventually end in us making our own breads. We have lots of photos on our blog page. The children (& us teachers!) are so enthused by all this! Thanks again for all the activities and resources that you have provided to us”

Jo Soars and Aimee Reynolds, teachers at Edward Francis Primary School

“Although we couldn’t have all the schools to Writtle College this year, it was great to be able to deliver packages to schools across the county instead. I can’t wait to help steward the event again next year.”

Ed Ford, Farmer Steward

“The children have had great fun taking part in all these activities and it’s been even better to see the produce grow and to be able to taste what they have grown.”

Lisa, teacher at North Primary School.